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The web development agency for startups & scaleups.

Your startup deserves a quality website. By ensuring an excellent user experience, implementing a modern design and creating content that converts, your business will have a website that is optimised for growth.

Digital Uncut | Digital marketing agency focused on providing a return on investment through PPC, SEO & website analytics.

Our Web Development Process

Get expert assistance at every key stage of your website design and creation. You can depend on a proven step-by-step process that has been designed to ensure the project runs smoothly at every point, producing an end result that exceeds expectations on design and performance.

Our Web Development Service

From brainstorming strategy, all the way through to assisting with design and overseeing development – your website will be crafted to help your business grow.


A successful website depends on effective planning. Which is why you will always receive a clear strategy prior to designing your website.

Here are our four key areas of strategy:

Discovery and UX

A website has to be valuable for its users, which is why UX is so important. 

Based on a solid understanding of your target market, the most effective user journey will be carefully crafted starting with an optimised site structure that leads to increased conversions.

Competitor Research

Research into the layout, design and content on top competitor websites will be carried out to create a purposefully designed website that delivers an even better user experience. Your website will be built to facilitate more effective engagement than your competitors to promote continued future business growth.

SEO & PPC Scoped

Solid keyword and content research is the foundation of thorough website strategy. Carrying out effective research will ensure the content and structure of your website enables it to thrive post-launch.

ROI Driven

Your website needs to offer a strong return on investment. To do this, effective CTAs are implemented to maximise easy conversion points and implement CRM integration where possible, in order to ensure every part of your website funnel succeeds.

Web Design & Creativity

Working closely with you to create a website that strikes the right balance between creative design, brand recognition and functionality. Ultimately producing an end result that achieves long-term success for your brand.


Based on the agreed content structure and brand guidelines, bespoke mock ups of your website landing pages will be produced. You will always have the final say on approval and edits prior to development.

Custom and Bespoke

No two businesses are the same, and the websites shouldn’t be either. Designing the most effective website for you and your business is the priority. That’s why your website design will be bespoke, with creative attention tailored to the needs of your brand.

Web Development

Look beyond the aesthetics and deep dive into what matters. For long term website success you need clean, fast and secure code.

WordPress & Shopify

The web development services we offer are predominantly focussed on WordPress and Shopify. With strong expertise in these powerful and reliable content management systems, your website performance will be consistently good, helping to drive sustained growth way into the future.

SEO & PPC Optimisation

Get faster website growth in order to achieve more immediate results. By building in SEO optimisations before the initial website launch, your website will be set up to succeed.

Mobile Optimised

We live in a mobile world where a good portion of site visitors browse via a mobile device. To accommodate this, your website is designed to work across every device, helping to optimise the user experience and facilitate long-term business growth. 

Request a Proposal

Get in contact and we can arrange a call to discuss what you are after and see if there is a good fit. If it looks like there is, we’ll prepare a proposal to show you how we’ll design and develop you a website that drives growth.

    Digital Uncut - Google Partner Premier Badge
    Digital Uncut - The Drum shortlisted 2019
    Digital Uncut - Search Awards 2019 shortlisted
    Digital Uncut - Facebook Marketing Partner