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How a Struggling Small Business Became a Successful and Trusted Brand in Less Than 3 Months

Finding new clients used to be a daily struggle for David Ellis of Peaceful Solutions. Most new business came through recommendations – a testament to the quality of the work, however not enough to grow the business quickly.


He had tried AdWords before, but it simply wasn’t working.


Having spoken to Google salespeople aka “Account Strategists,” David had set up an account and spent £17,000 over two years in addition to an untold amount of time on the phone. Whilst he was gaining new clients, he was spending all the return on AdWords.

In May 2015, Digital Uncut took over the AdWords account, carrying out a complete rebuild of the account structure, extensions and other expert techniques.

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Within 3 months, AdWords became a profitable tool for Peaceful Solutions.


In the 9 months that Digital Uncut has run the account, Peaceful Solutions has received 142 phone calls and 50 online contact form submissions.

That is 192 very interested leads for just over £2,000. Continuous management of the account means the cost-per-lead continues to fall, and in December it was £5.96 per lead with £214.65 spent, 28 phone calls received and 8 contact form submissions.


At that CPL and with Digital Uncut’s cost-effective solutions, business is very profitable.


Just some of our expert techniques used include:

  • Intelligent keyword research
  • Appropriate match type and optimisations
  • Very, very granular ad groups
  • Mobile only campaigns and click to call ads
  • Strategic ad scheduling
  • Full use of ad extensions
  • Display advertising and remarketing
  • Extensive shared negative keyword lists
  • Continuous bid and ad optimisations

Digital Uncut can apply these expert AdWords techniques to your business and, as the Founder, I’ll even invest time to find out about your business and give you a free, no obligation proposal. Take the first step and get in touch right away – you can contact me here.