Supermetrics: Digital Uncut Featured

Sam Martin-Ross

We are delighted to have been featured in Supermetrics’ blog, which you can read here.

As our guest blog post explains, Supermetrics is an essential bit of kit for our work. We’ve been using it to improve client’s ROI for quite some time, so when they reached out to us for a blog post we were delighted to write one.

In our post, we explained how we use their software innovatively to assist in various aspects of our services. The highlights of the post (and reasons we use it) are:

  • Spend Management – using Supermetrics saves time and helps ensure we use budget effectively, minimising waste and finding opportunities to expand.
  • Performance Tracking – we are automatically alerted to changes in performance (whether good or bad) to ensure our clients get the best ROI possible from their campaigns.
  • SEO Performance – tracking positions effectively is key to being transparent with results. Supermetrics helps us show clients results with ease.
  • In Depth Analysis – gathering and manipulating data can take time, using Supermetrics here means we can provide extensive analysis more frequently for our clients.

Supermetrics allows us to provide the level of analysis and reporting of any ‘big’ agency, and our innovative use of the platform ensures we’re always ahead of the game.

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