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SEO can be a real slog

It can often take a long time to start seeing tangible results from your SEO efforts. This can mean spending a lot of time and money without getting much back in return. And worse still, those increases in traffic don’t always mean increases in revenue.

So let’s get scientific

That’s why it’s so important to take a scientific, data-driven approach to SEO. By focusing on the keywords most likely to generate revenue, you’ll start seeing results sooner and get a much better ROI.


Our Travel SEO Agency Service

SEO Strategy

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any effective SEO strategy. By uncovering what your customers are searching for, we’re able to identify short-tail and long-tail keywords that will deliver the highest-quality, revenue-generating traffic.

We also cast our eye on your competitors, figuring out their strategy and tactics and using them to guide yours. Everything is captured in a central document to provide clear oversight and collaboration across your SEO and PPC campaigns.


Technical SEO

Before we start tinkering, we carefully audit your current website for any underlying technical SEO issues. This includes your site’s architecture, content, configuration, UX, and internal links. You get a detailed document outlining our findings and recommendations, prioritising anything that will have a real impact on your target keyword positions.

Whether you need instant implementation from our devs, or simply need us to plug into your existing dev team, we can provide automated checks, manual reviews, and ongoing practical advice on improving your technical SEO.

Health Score

SEO Content

Armed with your target keywords, we fill any content gaps with well-researched, high-quality content. This not only helps you rank higher, but also fosters stronger relationships with your future customers.

Our ongoing content marketing gives you a consistent pipeline of authoritative and engaging resources you can use to reach your target audience and build brand awareness. After all, if you want to rank #1 for a keyword, you have to beat the content that’s currently winning.

Google Doc

Ongoing optimisation

Your SEO and content is never finished. That’s why we’re always testing and tweaking to guarantee the best possible results. It’s why we pull in data from your CRM to see how your SEO strategy is actually impacting your sales.

To make sure you’re always in the loop, we use Data Studio to create a fully-customisable dashboard that pulls in data from Google Analytics, Search Console,, and your CRM. You’ll get a complete overview of how your SEO is working.


Here’s how it works for SEO