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SEO: 5 Common Mistakes Made by Agencies

After seeing SEO agencies not achieving results for their clients, we’ve seen patterns emerge in their shortfalls. The same mistakes are made over and over, meaning that clients miss out on the results they deserve.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common mistakes made by SEO agencies.

We hope this will help you assess your current agency, convince you of the right agency (cough, cough), or generally help you determine whether you’re getting the right service from your SEO agency. Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below – we’re always looking to improve!


1. Ignoring client aims

Perhaps the most important part of any agency-client relationship is ensuring alignment of goals. Achieving these goals is usually why agencies are hired in the first place.

With SEO work, this starts by ensuring that the keywords targeted will lead to what the client is after. If the client is hoping to increase sales, there is no point ranking highly for non-commercial terms.

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2. Not focusing on backlinks

Backlinks are at the core of SEO. Once technical checks are done, all attention should be focused here. You could have the world’s most technically optimised site, however without any backlinks it will not show up anywhere.

Unless the client has a large site, technical SEO should be done within 2-3 months. Following that, backlink building work should take priority.

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3. Using the wrong tools

Given the number of tools on the market, this can almost be forgiven, however it usually stems from a lack of understanding of what drives SEO growth. We recommend the following tools:

4. Wrong KPIs

This one is quite basic although you would be surprised how many people use organic traffic as a KPI for SEO success.

In some edge cases, it can be useful, for example if organic traffic comes solely from non-brand keywords. However, this is rarely the case.

Many websites receive most of their organic traffic, if not all of it, through branded keywords. This means organic traffic mostly indicates brand search volume, something influenced by more than just SEO.

A better metric is ranking positions for selected keywords. An increase in position indicates SEO is going in the right direction.

5. Content game isn’t strong enough

SEO agencies should be supporting their clients to develop quality content that will be shareable & linkable. This could be full management of content creation, or content guidance and advice.

This is because only websites with content that deserves to rank highly will rank highly. A poorly made, managed or designed website will struggle to rank highly.

This also comes back to point 2 in that with poor website content, other websites are less likely to link back to yours.


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