Search Console Appears in Search Results for Webmasters

Sam Martin-Ross
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Another new feature has appeared on the search result pages for webmasters. For those who don’t own or manage a website, screenshots of an owner’s results from Search Console have been inserted into the SERP pages for that person to privately see.

SERP Feature


When a webmaster searches for any related keywords that they rank for, the latest metrics for their site’s performance on those terms are shown. This doesn’t seem to have been rolled out to everyone, meaning it could go two ways. Either these results are a test that will disappear or they will be incorporated as a complete roll out to all parties.





There is speculation that this is an awareness drive from Google to get site owners to pay more attention to the health of their site and use Search Console more effectively. A section, ‘How to Improve’ certainly seems to back up this claim.

Further discussion on the subject draws a comparison between this roll out and the Google My Business dashboard that was privately inserted into business owners’ SERPs in July last year. While that developed into further editing rights for a business owner’s Google My Business page, it is still too early to see if a similar trajectory will be applied onto the Search Console insertion.

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