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PPC can bleed your budget.

If you aren’t careful, PPC can quickly eat through your marketing budget. A common issue is focusing on “leads”, and not qualified leads. This can lead to low-quality leads which wastes your budget and your sales team’s time.

Maximise your budget with a B2B PPC agency.

Get it right and PPC can fuel explosive growth, helping your startup to scale. By thinking strategically and running highly-targeted campaigns, you can maximise your marketing budget and bring in qualified traffic that’s ready to convert before they even hit your site.

Precise PPC that pulls in prospects.

You can’t pull off PPC with precision unless you’re using data to guide your decisions. That’s why we constantly test and tweak, analysing campaign data to learn the best way to connect with your prospects. Plus we keep you in the loop throughout with transparent, automated reporting using Data Studio.

Digital Uncut | Digital marketing agency focused on providing a return on investment through PPC, SEO & website analytics.

Here’s how it works

Our B2B PPC agency service

From strategy right through implementation and optimisation, your PPC will be as effective as possible at generating qualified inbound leads.

Qualified Lead Focused

From quick wins to incremental gains, your PPC performance will be constantly evaluated on cost per qualified lead (CPQL), not CTR or impressions

Channel Planning & Testing

Tailored recommendations for your startup where targeting options most likely to deliver a strong CPQL, and suggest new channels worth testing where relevant. Reaching specific business targets can be a challenge when the three biggest channels (AdWords, Facebook & Amazon) are geared towards consumer advertising. LinkedIn is a B2B favourite, however targeting options across platforms may be worthwhile testing for valuable insights

Automation and Custom Reports

Intelligent application of automations reduces management time and cost, which enables more time optimising for your success. This allows space to build unique, custom reports to improve overall optimisation over time.

Qualified Leads

Creative & Copy

Copywriting and graphic design experts in house to produce outstanding ads that improve PPC performance for your brand.


Sometimes decreasing click through rates can increase conversion rates, and likewise, increasing bounce rate can increase CVR. This is because you don’t want every click, you only want those that are more likely to be qualified.

Continuous testing to further increase conversion rates coupled with extensive B2B experience in creating optimal copy and creative generates fresh knowledge to optimise messaging across different audiences.

content marketing

Account Based Marketing

Specific targeting of companies & individuals your business wants to work with through Search, Display, LinkedIn and Facebook account based marketing.

Facebook & LinkedIn

Using accounts or individual lists to run engaging and captivating campaigns to get your content in front of your ideal target audience.

Search and Display

Effectively target users as they search for your service or browse the internet with the same lists.

Account Based Marketing

Dynamic Remarketing

Longer sales cycles mean that a remarketing strategy is crucial for maintaining and increasing engagement from your target audience.

Facebook, Instagram & Display

Avoid the potential customer fatigue of remarketing ads and target users with effective campaigns distributed appropriately throughout their customer journey.

Custom Catalogs & Ad Templates

Customised and dynamic remarketing enables more effective results by showing product/service groups instead of individual items. Additionally, custom dynamic templates for display ads to ensure your ads are unique.

Digital Uncut - The Drum shortlisted 2019
Digital Uncut - Search Awards 2021 Finalist
Digital Uncut - Facebook Marketing Partner