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PPC can bleed your budget.

It’s hard to get paid ads right, and if you aren’t careful you end up with a spray-and-pray approach which is both costly and ineffective, bringing in low quality traffic.

So cut through with precision.

Which is why we think strategically, basing every decision on data and constant optimisation. Because that’s how you bring in the highest quality, sales-ready traffic.

Digital Uncut | Digital marketing agency focused on providing a return on investment through PPC, SEO & website analytics.

Our PPC agency service

From channel planning through to ad copywriting, our scientific PPC services are designed to scale your startup.

PPC Strategy

The success of your PPC campaigns lies in having a thorough strategy in place. We’ll conduct in-depth research into your target markets and competitors to drive recommendations for channels and campaigns. The focus here is on optimising for quality over quantity.

We’ll also provide clear guides on which creative will work best with your strategy, factoring in copy and visuals in line with your brand guidelines.

Building Campaigns

Starting with your all-important campaign structure and setting up conversion tracking, we’ll build out your various PPC campaigns so they’re as effective as possible. By keeping on top of all the latest ad platform changes to make sure we’re using each effectively.

For multinational campaigns, we can translate into all Western European languages, as well as Korean and Japanese, always tweaking to make sure campaigns work perfectly in every territory.

Optimising Creative

When it comes to copy and creative, there’s always more experimenting to be done. The most well oiled campaigns will always perform better if they have creativity that grabs attention. Testing creative and messaging will let us know what your target audience responds best to.

Whether you need new direction from our designers, or simply need us to plug into your existing design team, we can provide creative strategy, creative testing and learnings for you to use elsewhere.

PPC Automation

Using in-platform scripts or Google Cloud, we can build custom automations across multiple channels. This includes your own data pipelines and further support beyond paid media if needed.

It means fewer errors and more time to focus on higher-level strategic thinking and important tasks that drive ROI.

Ongoing optimisation

Our proactive approach to PPC means that our blend of automation and regular human reviewing continuously improves your campaign’s ROI.

Using Data Studio, we’ll pull in all your data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and even your CRM to better understand how and why leads convert. We can then use those findings to optimise your PPC campaigns.

Channels we manage

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