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PPC can bleed your budget.

If you aren’t careful, PPC can quickly eat through your marketing budget. A common issue is to “spray-and-pray”, hoping as many people as possible see and click your ads. This can lead to low-quality traffic which wastes your time and money.

Maximise your budget with targeted PPC.

Get it right and PPC can fuel explosive growth, helping your startup to scale. By thinking strategically and running highly-targeted campaigns, you can maximise your marketing budget and bring in high-quality traffic that’s ready to convert before they even hit your site.

Precise PPC that pulls in prospects.

You can’t pull off PPC with precision unless you’re using data to guide your decisions. That’s why we constantly test and tweak, analysing campaign data to learn the best way to connect with your prospects. Plus we keep you in the loop throughout with transparent, automated reporting using Data Studio.

Digital Uncut | Digital marketing agency focused on providing a return on investment through PPC, SEO & website analytics.

Our PPC agency service

From strategy right through implementation and optimisation, your PPC will be as effective as possible at growing your scaling startup.

Channels we manage


Getting your strategy right sets us up for success. Working on this will be essential if you’re new to PPC. If you have PPC experience, developing strategies to improve your results will be critical to your success.

Channel Planning & Testing

In depth research of your target market will drive recommendations for channels as well as targeting options across Search and Paid Social that will be most likely to deliver commercial results. Testing budgets is an important part of the process before further commitments are made.

Competitor Research

Understanding your competitors and their PPC strategy gives a good indication of what direction your strategy will need to take, or sometimes, what direction it shouldn’t take!


Our intelligent application of automations can reduce management time and cost, enabling faster results.

Custom AdWords Scripts

From scripts that pause ads when hotel occupancy gets too high to scripts that adjust bids based on currency fluctuations, get custom scripts built to improve efficiency and the return on your campaigns.

BigQuery, Cloud Functions, Supermetrics and Zapier

These tools are used to build automations across platforms, including on paid social. Some top choices are notifications when; account performance changes or when there’s a statistically significant ad test winner.


The most well oiled and optimised ad campaigns will always perform better if they have creativity that grabs attention and makes people remember. With PPC, this comes in three areas;

Ad Copywriting

While optimising for quality score is important, sometimes decreasing CTR can sometimes increase CVR. This is because you don’t want every click, you want users that are more likely to convert.

Ad Design

Dynamic or animated ads convert better than static ads in both display and paid social campaigns. High quality designs that are in line with your brand are key to standing out in a cluttered platform. A collaborative approach with design partners and your brand produces outstanding creative.

Landing Page Design/Development

The often neglected second half of PPC is the user experience on the website. It’s crucial on all platforms, especially with Google Ads where it’ll affect your CPC, as an outstanding landing page experience is what truly turns clicks into conversions. Working closely with you and our development partners, the goal will be producing landing page experiences that drive commercial results.

International & Multilingual


Global experience across multiple markets allows for deeper understanding of each market which is the true secret to running successful international PPC campaigns.


Need to launch a campaign in French? Perhaps German or Dutch? All copy is carefully translated into the required Western European language and localised. The campaigns will be managed as effectively as any English campaign.


Proactive Management

You may be surprised that industry-leading campaign setup is not that common. You can expect proactive management aiming to continuously improve the ROI through rigorous testing and an effective combination of automation and human input.

Custom Reports

Using Data Studio and Slides, you will receive extensive reports customised to your needs that are updated and available 24/7. Typically these are produced on a weekly basis. You will also get monthly presentations & quarterly reviews, however this is customisable too.

ROI & Qualified Lead Analysis

Understanding where, when and how your customers or qualified leads convert is key to improving ROI over time. This is proactively analysed and learnings shared. The difference between a lead and qualified lead is essential when working with you and integrating your CRM to enhance the quality of leads by understanding where, when and how they are converted.

Digital Uncut - The Drum shortlisted 2019
Digital Uncut - Search Awards 2021 Finalist
Digital Uncut - Facebook Marketing Partner