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PPC Agency Services: Account Management

With our PPC expertise and results driven approach, we are confident to make the most of any budget, whether big or small, for all of our clients.

Our team has managed accounts spending less than £1k a month to, in previous roles, multi-million pounds annually, taking care of PPC accounts like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and onefinestay.

With our PPC techniques, we know how to maximise any pay-per-click campaign to deliver high-quality traffic, most likely to convert and grow your business.

Results Driven PPC

We focus on driving results because that is what pay-per-click budgets were created to do. Whether awareness, sales or lead-generation everyone has their own aims, and in order to drive the right results, we make sure to understand them.

Whatever the aim, effective PPC campaigns start with knowing the platforms (AdWords/Facebook etc) like the back of your hand. This knowledge allows us to get the highest quality clicks at the lowest possible cost-per-click.

Looking beyond the click, we work closely with our clients on analysing the following (where relevant) to further optimise the results driven by PPC;

  • Return On Investment and/or Cost per Lead
  • Quality of Leads – using CRMs to assess whether leads are potential customers
  • Attribution – ensuring all leads/sales are attributed effectively
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Paid Social PPC Management

Paid social is included within our PPC services as the platforms (Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter) mostly use the pay-per-click system too, however more importantly, to make paid social PPC successful we follow the same techniques as with AdWords PPC management.

We have worked on numerous successful paid social campaigns using a variety of ad formats and targeting methods such as; Facebook dynamic remarketing, LinkedIn account based targeting, and Facebook ads for Messenger extensions.

Combining paid social with AdWords, increases the effectiveness of both by allowing us to consider and plan effective user journeys cross channels.

Our Technique

Keyword and Demographic Research

Before launching any campaign, we find all the keywords and/or demographics that could work for your business. This involves extensive research to ensure we are not missing any keyword variations, long or short tail. Or with social media, any combination or new demographic targeting setting that could work.

We take it upon ourselves to understand your business and potential customers. putting ourselves in their mind, then brainstorming what they would search when looking for businesses like yours. We use tools such as AdWords Keyword Planner and Ahrefs to verify these keywords have search volume before organising and sending over for discussion.

Account & Campaign Set Up

Starting with industry best practice, we set up PPC accounts to run as efficiently as possible. This is industry best practice we know to work, having previously used it on multi-million pound accounts, and since applied to our own clients with case studies to show the performance improvements.

In AdWords this is done to achieve the highest quality score possible which in turn gets you the lowest cost-per-click possible, it really is the key to Adwords, read more here.

Landing Page Optimisation

It is easy when discussing PPC to forget that metrics such as “clicks,” are people behind a screen. Getting the right clicks at the right price, is only half the user journey. The other half, the website, is without a doubt more important and often not given the same attention.

We use Google Analytics to identify drop off points, and conversion rate optimisation techniques to increase the clicks that convert to business. Increasing this percentage can significantly improve the performance of PPC campaigns, and so we are well incentivised to help with it.

Ongoing Account Optimisation

We aim to continuously improve the return on investment of all PPC campaigns through rigorous testing and bid management. An effective combination of automation and human input to improve both leads to more effective campaigns.

Tailor Made Packages

Get in contact and we can arrange a call to discuss what you are after, what we do, and see if there is a good fit.

If it looks like there is a good fit, we can prepare a proposal. Every proposal we put together is unique and tailored around your business’s needs.

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