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Making Sure PPC & SEO Grow Your Business

Aren’t PPC & SEO ultimately useless if they don’t drive business growth?


Search engine marketing can substantially boost sales and leads for any business. After all, users are searching for your products, which makes being found at that exact moment extremely valuable.


Yet, we regularly see companies or agencies fail to drive quality leads and high ROIs. From our experience, there are a few common pitfalls in approach that cause this. After seeing these mistakes made time and time again, we’ve put together three tips to help you make the most of PPC & SEO.


1. Have a growth oriented approach

Too often PPC & SEO are focused on the wrong KPIs which don’t contribute to growth.

If you’re only looking at organic traffic over time to assess your SEO efforts, how do you know that your campaign is really helping grow your business?

Yes, organic traffic should increase with an effective SEO campaign. However, what if the increase was only driven by brand keywords which you’re already in position 1 for? With any effective campaign you will see position increases on your targeted keywords.

With PPC, if you’re only looking specifically at the traffic’s metrics (for example the cost-per-click) how do you know your campaign is really adding to your bottom line? Isn’t a decrease in cost-per-click worthless unless the traffic contributes to tangible growth?

Both channels need to be assessed on the quality of leads and sales they are generating, as well as the traffic itself. Google Analytics is a free platform that allows you to do this – make the most of it.


2. Understand industry best practice, then go beyond it

Poor execution will naturally lead to poor results, so knowing best practice is essential.

For both channels this starts off with targeting the right keywords. This is unquestionably key to any successful search engine marketing campaign. Read our blog post on getting this fundamental first step right.

Often, SEOers focus exclusively on technical and visual aspects of their site, overlooking other SEO factors. Never forget the value of backlink building and content promotion, both of which are equally essential to increasing your site’s ranking.

More specifically, in AdWords it is incredibly common to waste budget on irrelevant keywords. If you’re currently running campaigns you may be surprised to find out you are too – read our guide on how to avoid this.

Covering those above points is all too often missed, when in all honesty, it is simply industry best practice. However, it’s after these steps that the fun of going beyond best practice begins.

This is where innovation happens, and new best practice is created. By staying on top of industry trends, and looking for new ways to grow your company. For example, are you looking at voice search SEO?


3. Understand website behaviour

Even the best search engine campaigns can fall at the final hurdle. For example, imagine your checkout or contact form is broken. Often the issue is more complex than this, with broken checkouts and forms rarely affecting well built sites.

This is only one example of how understanding website behaviour can help improve all website transactions, not just PPC & SEO.

When budget allows, a conversion rate optimisation specialist will cover this. However, to make the most of PPC & SEO in all other cases, understanding website behaviour is necessary to ensuring your site’s success.


If you’re in need of some help with PPC or SEO, or looking for a PPC or SEO agency, get in contact with the Digital Uncut team today.