Google Publishes Guidelines for Dynamic Rendering

Sam Martin-Ross

If your website runs on Javascript, you may have experienced SEO difficulties to say the least.

This is because crawling and rendering Javascript websites can be resource intense and so search engine bots are not great at it (for now, this should get better). This leaves many Javascript site underperforming with regards to SEO because search engines don’t understand what content is on them.

Dynamic rendering is a solution to this where your website is rendered server-side and served to the bots as static HTML, and remains unchanged to visitors. This allows search engine bots to quickly crawl the website, understand the content and index them properly. Giving them a much stronger SEO position.

You may have already tried using this, it’s a great workaround. Either way, the good news is that Google has now published guidelines on how to do this effectively, you can see these here.


Dynamic Rendering


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