What Is White Hat SEO?

In simple terms, white-hat SEO refers to SEO strategies that are in line with the terms and conditions of search engines, like Google. It is aimed at providing users with the best results rather than the search engine algorithms. 

If you own a business, white-hat is most certainly the way to go about your marketing campaign. Otherwise, you may face suspensions or a permanent ban for using black-hat tactics on your website. 

Sure, black-hat SEO produces impressive results within a short period. But you risk putting your entire business on the line with such tactics. 

Aside from being risky, black-hat SEO is also much more expensive and technical than white-hat.

To make sure your SEO strategy is white-hat, focus on creating relevant and informative content and optimise your website to be easily accessible by mobile users. Basically, ensure your primary focus is on improving user experience (UI/UX).