How Many Keywords Per Page?

There’s no straightforward or right answer. Search engines don’t reveal the exact number that pleases their ranking algorithms, so it’s hard to specify a particular number of keywords to use per URL page. 

However, one thing is certain for sure – you don’t want your page optimisation to come off as keyword stuffing to the search algorithms. 

Therefore, optimising multiple (about 20) keywords on a page may be out of the question. It can easily be viewed as keyword stuffing by search engine algorithms, which in turn, lowers your search rankings.   

If you ever have to use multiple keywords on a single page, you have to place them naturally into the text. You can also use a primary and secondary keyword in your title tag, meta description, and headers without stuffing the content. 

Additionally, make sure the selected keywords have actual relevance to the page content. One way to judge this is through the searcher’s intent.