How Does The Keyword Tracker Work?

Using technology developed by, we track keywords to see movements over time so we can monitor the progress of SEO strategies. 

The keyword tracker reveals all the information that matters, from individual rankings of particular words and phrases, to differences in rankings for multiple locations. The tracker is also invaluable for brands needing to monitor keyword performance on different devices, with different tags or on Google maps. Here’s how it works. 

Keyword Monitoring

Search positions are never set in stone, and that’s why it’s vital that rankings are tracked continuously to determine a site’s performance. The keyword tracker is updated daily, and these results are monitored constantly by our team and added into client Data Studio Reports. 

Improvements in search positions are a good indicator of the success of any ongoing SEO strategy. We keep an eye on all relevant keywords to provide complete visibility on progress. Success here can also be monitored via other metrics, such as web traffic. Keywords that reach the top 3 positions can see a significant increase in traffic for the particular pages listed.

Geographical Keyword Tracking 

Google provides different results depending on where a user happens to be searching from, and the keyword tracker caters for these discrepancies. The tracker can be set for specific cities, or broader locations like entire regions or countries. 

Results will show the different sites ranking for particular keywords, and clearly reveal where a brand’s site lies in these results. Keyword ranking results can even be shown for multiple languages if necessary. 

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are hugely powerful in terms of SEO. These organic search results appear at the top of Google, beneath the Ads section. Snippets highlight blocks of text which have been determined by Google to be the best answer to a user’s query. 

Often referred to as the #0 spot, snippets appear for a wide range of different search terms, with recent estimates suggesting there are now over 14 million different snippets on the search engine. 

Sites featured in snippets will invariably experience an upsurge in organic traffic, so it’s well worth optimising pages with the aim of becoming the featured snippet for relevant search terms. 

The keyword tracker monitors whether a site’s content is used in a featured snippet, and enables brands to keep an eye on which sites currently occupy these coveted spots. 

The Top 100

The keyword tracker shows the top 100 results for keywords or phrases. While it’s entirely possible to monitor a larger number of results, it’s not usually worthwhile. If a site is ranked further back than position 100, we can safely assume that it’s not being seen when a user searches for the specific terms in question. 

Keyword tracking is a hugely important part of any good SEO strategy. To find out more about how we track keywords and what you can do to improve your rankings, get in touch with our team.