What Are Some Growth Hacks for Startups?

For most, if not all, startups, finding a way to burst into the market as an industry leader in the order of the day. 

Right off the bat, you should know there are no shortcuts to success. But there are tons of growth hacks that can give your startup the push it needs. 

For one, you can introduce a win-win referral scheme. Customers who refer your business would receive a reward for their referral, and people who follow their link. Many companies like Dropbox and Payoneer have used this strategy to build their startups into empires. 

Another equally important hack is building trust with your customers. Place original feedback from clients about your product or service on your site. This strategy has produced impressive results for companies like Amazon, Upwork, and tons of startups. 

Furthermore, you may also be able to employ the Pufferfish hack – which is basically “faking it till you make it.” 

To compensate for its small size, the pufferfish fills its stretchy stomach with water to appear much larger to its predators in the wild. In the same vein, some startups appear bigger than they actually are to attract leads to their company. For instance, Pipetop bought four phone numbers in European countries to display their contact information. This single act brought in hoards of PR and investors for the company. 

Ultimately, growth hacking doesn’t centre on just strategies, but rather, your product and users.