What is a “Dimension” in Google Analytics?

In simple terms, a dimension is a qualitative representation of data in Google Analytics (GA). Dimension goes hand in hand with “metrics,” (which are usually quantitative).

Every GA report is made up of a dimension and metric. Any data such as city, browser, country, state, and so on, would be categorised under “dimension”. Whereas, any quantitative or numerical data would fall under the “Metric” category.

Dimension essentially points out who your users are, and then metric tells you exactly what the action they took on your site. 

The following examples demystify how dimension in GA works in reality. The table below shows you the number of users on a website from Tokyo and Denver. From this, you can also see the site has a crazy bounce rate for android. 

With this, you’ve pinpointed an issue on your site using data and not trial and error. You can now boost your traffic by putting up the task to your site’s developers. 


CityOperating SystemUsersSessionsBounce Rate
Denver iOS 42095660%