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An email marketing agency in London for scaling startups.

When you understand your audience you can cater to their needs throughout their journey. Whether they are first time customers and need further information or long term advocates who have an opinion on your service, our email marketing specialists will create campaigns for your customers that will build engagement, increase conversions and encourage loyalty.

Digital Uncut | Digital marketing agency focused on providing a return on investment through PPC, SEO & website analytics.

Email Marketing Services

Your email marketing specialists will work with you to achieve your email marketing goals from strategy through implementation and even optimisation.


Developing a bespoke strategy for your email marketing to include engagement points throughout your customer journey. From welcome sequences to promotional emails, your email marketing consultant will create a bespoke strategy for your startup.


We care about our customers and you care about yours. Showing your customers that you understand their needs is crucial for successful email marketing services. Your database will be segmented as thoroughly as possible to ensure your contacts get the most value from your email marketing.

Cross Channel Focus

29% of marketers put email marketing as the most effective channel for digital marketing. Followed by 25% for both social media and content marketing and 22% for SEO. At Digital Uncut we do it all by devising a comprehensive strategy that incorporates all the above channels for the most powerful results.


Starting a conversation with your customers is so important for building an authentic relationship. Monitoring engagement and enhancing the campaigns for your customers supports higher open rates and click through rates for your startup.

Marketing Automation


Email marketing experts with years of experience will implement your campaigns in your CRM from building complex campaigns to A/B testing – your email marketing consultant has you covered.

CRM Support

Have questions about your CRM? Want to know more about how it all works? Our email marketing services include CRM support to help you get the most out of your platform.


Use the language your customers use, deliver relevant content and make your emails exciting to read.


Tried and tested formulas are commonplace with email marketing because they work every time. There are so many different approaches and we will work with you to find the best one for your startup.

Trust Builders

People trust people. Utilising trust builders in email copy is a great way to establish reputation. Developing a feedback loop where you take what you learn from your customers to make your services better will set you up for success.


Speak to your customers, not at them. Email blasts or broadcasts are old news, they’re impersonal and irrelevant. Personalise your communication for higher engagement.

Testing and Optimisation

Thorough testing of all email campaigns and recommendations for optimisations made to continuously improve and evolve.


Email marketing services consistently monitored for performance and measured against up to date industry standards.


After every email campaign you will receive a detailed report that showcases open rates, click through rates, unsubscribes and more. This report will act as a benchmark for the next campaign so that your email marketing services are always getting better.


Your email marketing consultant will analyse performance of each campaign and offer recommendations for adjusting or enhancing the strategy for better results. This could be in the form of subject lines, call to actions or email goals.

Digital Uncut - Google Partner Premier Badge
Digital Uncut - The Drum shortlisted 2019
Digital Uncut - Search Awards 2021 Finalist
Digital Uncut - Facebook Marketing Partner