Do You Use Phrase Match Modifier?

Sam Martin-Ross
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Our clients benefit from the standard best practice use of BMM and Exact match keywords in SKAGs, although it can become a bit frustrating when you only want your keywords to trigger ads when entered in certain order, but you also don’t want to limit them to a phrase match or exact match keyword.

For example, having the keyword ‘+delivery +london +to +brighton’ is all well and good until you start appearing for ‘delivery service brighton to london’, especially if your service doesn’t work that way round.

Also, adding “brighton to” as a negative phrase match keyword to try and prevent this may not be the most effective way to tackle this problem. As an example, you could end up blocking the search term “london to brighton to southampton” which may actually be a valuable search term for your ad to appear for.

Enter “phrase match modifier”.

Simply adding a period, which will be processed a space, between the BMM keywords that you want to appear as a phrase should put an end to this problem if executed properly.

Here’s a great example from SEJ on how the “fifth match type” works and can be used: