HERO started when one of the founders was left on hold to a book store whilst browsing their website. Local businesses were harnessing WhatsApp to engage with customers and this led the founder to wonder why he couldn’t just text the store what he was looking for.

When HERO wanted to accelerate their growth because they were starting to expand, they reached out. HERO had no organic presence to the point where they weren’t even appearing for their brand name. Their ads were poorly set up with low budgets too.


We hoped to redevelop the HERO website to make it more SEO friendly. We planned to curate content to ensure they ranked for target keywords and increased their organic presence. As well as focussing on non-brand terms, the goal was also to appear for brand keywords such as ‘HERO’ in the UK and US.

After extensive keyword research, we re-developed their site on WordPress to make it SEO friendly and wrote the accompanying content.

We also developed their ad campaigns across Google and LinkedIn and supported their transition to Hubspot for enhanced lead scoring and tracking.

The Results

HERO now ranks for 11,500 keywords worldwide including competitive brand keywords such as; ‘hero’, and ‘hero shop’, and non-brand keywords like ‘virtual store’ and ‘virtual shopping’.

Organic traffic increased by 143% as a result of the SEO strategy that was implemented and significant qualified leads & revenue were generated from paid activity.

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